Renzo Romita
Master Violinmaker

Renzo Romita was born in Ferrara in 1940. He was very young when he began studying the art of cabinet making and he attended many makers' shops. He mainly worked on saving and restoring antique furniture, then he decided to apply himself to the art of violin making starting in 1988. He had the good fortune to be able to serve an apprenticeship with the celebrated master violin maker Aldo Zani.

His production covers all the string instruments family: violins, violas and cellos are his favourite instruments which are built with extraordinary devotion. The choice of materials is very important: only the finest and aged armonic wood of maple and fir are transformed into incomparable string instruments, crafted following the classic violin making principles.
A particular care is spent in realizing ergonomic instruments. These are often designed and built according to the musician's needs.

He participated in many string exhibitions, obtaining a great deal of success. Musicians who have played his string instruments have been very enthusiastic about the excellent tone quality.
He is devoted to saving and restoring antique bows and instruments.